When Dreams Come True | Nicole & James | 30.03.19

I think I must have said WOW at least 100 times for this one. Nicole and James are a cute young couple who are so into each other! Their love can be felt from a mile away, so when I was placed with the magic wand for being their wedding planner, I was ecstatic.

Their wedding was held at the beautiful Upper Reach Winery & Riverbrook Restaurant. The bride, Nicole, actually folded 1000 Japanese paper cranes that she later hung from the roof in between the strings of fairy lights. This made for such a unique and gorgeous setting. The florist was able to get super creative too, she placed an arrangement on a tree that acted as a backdrop for the ceremony (instead of an arbour).

Nicole and James wanted the affair to be casual and laid back, so we ensured to accommodate to a cocktail style wedding layout. The team and I relished the free-flowing nature of the couple and their ability to just go with the flow, even if faced with any adversity. I personally adored the epic outdoor lighting; it really embellished the night to shine that little bit brighter.

Enjoy your happily ever after lovers! You deserve this beautiful story of life to unfold in the best way possible and I know that your dreams will only continue to come true. Having each other by your side is the best gift you have given to one and another, I am so honoured to have been included in your story.

Take care.


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