How to Choose the Colours for your Bridesmaids

While the star of the show is always the bride, the bridesmaids will be the ones complimenting the styling, season and overall vibe of your special day. Choosing the right colour scheme for the event and your bridesmaid’s outfits can make or break the overall day. All eyes should be drawn to the bridal party, so let’s pick the perfect colour scheme for your maids through this meaningful conversation :).

  1. What’s the season?

As always with anything to do with weddings, what is the season doing? You will want to pick colours that complement the season and the style of the wedding, so if you have an autumn/winter wedding, fall into darker shades such as burgundy or purple. If you’re having a summer or spring wedding, stick with lighter tones such as soft pinks and greens.


  1. What style of dress?

If you’re thinking of long flowing dresses or short, figure-hugging dresses, the colours you pick will want to compliment the style. Essentially, some colours just won’t look right with your bridesmaids’ dresses. That gold might look elegant on a long dress but perhaps a little tacky if it’s short. Think about it.


  1. Try it out

Let’s face it, half the fun of the wedding is shopping for stuff. Take your girls out, have a sneaky glass of bubbly and try out a couple of colours and styles to see if they’ll work. Even if you don’t make up your mind just yet, you’ll likely get a bit of an idea.


  1. What are you wearing?

Hopefully, way before you pick the colours for your bridesmaids, you’ve chosen your wedding dress! A great place to start is thinking about how colours might complement what you’re wearing and what colours you’ll be showing. Think about your makeup, hair colour, and skin tones and pick some colours that will work with you. After all, this is your wedding!


Kristy xx