5 Reasons to Invest in a Wedding Album

Every couple should leave their wedding with a physical album to hold. It is not just a book filled with photos. It is an art piece. It is the story of your love. It is a depiction of the wonderful dynamic the two of you have. It reminisces on the good times and allows you to look back on how much fun everyone had. It is a recollection of the best moments where you are surrounded by the people you love.


If that is not enough to convince you, here are 5 reasons why you need to invest in a wedding album:


It is the fairytale you always wanted.

The princess marrying her prince charming. Your wedding album is like a storybook, telling the tale of your great love story.


You can show your children or grandchildren one day.

It will be passed on to generations. I’m sure your parents have shown you a photo or two from when they got married years ago. It is a pleasant memory that cannot go unshared.


It leaves you with something physical to remember by.

While technology can be very useful, merely having photos uploaded to a USB stick is not enough. Anything could happen. You could lose the USB or the file could corrupt. Having a wedding album ensures that it is kept in a safe place and leaves you with something physical to hold onto after your special day is over.


The aesthetic is like no other when it comes out in print.

You can place it around the house as a decoration. You could make a corner of your house dedicated to your precious love. Fill it with memories of the two of you. Perhaps have your guests write their wishes on a little card and place them in an antique little box. Get creative with it!


A physical copy to send to guests.

Send these physical copies to your guests like the bridal party, family and those who were truly involved in making your day beyond memorable. They’ll have something beautiful to keep and it will forever stay in their memories.


As Perth wedding planners, K & CO events encourages you to think about getting a wedding album. It is definitely worth it! If you need advice or have any enquires about your wedding, please feel free to call us. We’re here to take the stress of your plate and give you the wedding you always dreamed of.