5 Intelligent Ways to Include Those Who You Can’t Invite to the Wedding

In a world of technology and social media there is so much you can do to include those who you can’t invite to the wedding on your special day. Maybe you have loved ones and family members who are not able to make it because they live overseas. Especially during difficult times with this pandemic, it is hard to celebrate with relatives and friends from across the world. But fear not, we have found the 5 perfect ways you can include your special guests on your special day.


Set up a slideshow of wishes from your loved ones.

While they are unable to attend your wedding and wish you well in person, with the help of technology they can still send through videos of their wishes. Set up a projector and let the slideshow roll. (The projector is also great for putting on a montage of childhood photos throughout the reception).


Livestream your wedding.

Hire a videographer to do your livestreaming. Make sure to test the internet connection at the venue first. You don’t want guests to watch a blurry screen of the bride kissing the groom.


Send a wedding day playlist to get them in the feels.

They’ll be listening to the songs all day. One moment they will tear up knowing how special your day is going to be and the next they’ll be dancing their feet off.


Send them celebratory gifts like wine or champagne.

Nothing says celebration like popping open a bottle of champagne!


Hire a professional videographer so they can have a viewing party.

Your families and friends can have their own little viewing party once the wedding video comes back. It will be like watching a romantic fairytale unravel. They’ll have their glass of champagne and snacks while being in the comfort of their own home.


As a Perth wedding planner, K&CO events thrives to make your day special by allowing all of your loved ones to celebrate along with you, especially those who are unable to attend. If you need more information or tips on how to make this possible, please give us a call.