5 Reasons to Get Married in Autumn

Autumn is by far one of our favourite wedding seasons! What’s not to love? The colours throughout autumn are magnificent. It is a season that screams comfort and cozy.


Autumn leaves are perfect for your backdrop.

The rustic orange and brown leaves falling from the trees give your photos a pop of warmth. It’s cozy yet luxurious. It’ll make your wedding dress stand out like never before.


Comfortable temperatures, neither too hot or too cold.

You won’t be sweating off your make up when saying your vows but you also won’t be freezing to death when listening to you loved ones’ speeches. It’s comfort at its finest!


Amazing lighting for photos.

The fallen leaves and golden sunset will make your photos glow. The sun won’t be too harsh on your eyes that you have to squint in every photo. You’ll be able to look back on your wedding photos and see how much you were glowing not only from within but on the outside.


Guests will be comfortable, regardless of what they wear.

Again, with temperatures being comfortable, guests have the choice of wearing whatever they please. Many guests often struggle to find the right outfit because it either has to suit warm or cold temperature, but this will put the stress off them!


Perfect for marquee weddings.

You can pick any location and still have a beautiful view regardless of if the weather is good or bad. If you’ve always wanted your wedding alongside the river or in a garden, you can do it! A marquee wedding offers your guests the choice to either enjoy the weather outside and if it happens to rain, they can enjoy the coziness from inside while still having a beautiful view to look at.


If you would like further advice on what makes autumn a great season to get married or perfect locations during Autumn, or simply if you want to chat then give us a call. At K&CO events we take pride in making your special day luxurious and like a fairytale.