For the Lads: Our Advice on Buying a Tux and Shoes

Fellas, this is your time to shine. We know that deep down, you want to dress like James Bond and get a look that will have your soon to be wife rushing for the honeymoon suite. Or, if you’re a single man at the wedding, we’ll make sure that doesn’t last too long. Here’s our advice for you on how to choose the right tuxedo & shoes for the big day.


First off – how formal is formal?

Feel out the vibe before the wedding, for whatever you do, you won’t want to be stupidly overdressed for the occasion. Ask the bride precisely what kind of wedding it is and if there’s a strict dress code. Yes, different styles of tuxedo’s are more formal than others.


Try before you buy

We know that most lads like to take as little time as possible when shopping. In the case of shoes and tuxedo’s make sure you try out a few before you commit. Take a close female friend or your partner along with you if you hate shopping. Most women love it, and their advice will be more thoughtful than your mates.


Shoes to match and shoes that fit

Shoes are not an afterthought. They can make or break your outfit and can also leave your feet bloodied and blistered if they aren’t comfortable. Ask what shoes and colours would match the tux at the store, and make sure they are a good fit before you commit to anything.


A bow tie that pops

If it’s not a black-tie wedding, a colourful bowtie that pops out of your dark tux and light shirt might just be the conversation starter you need to break the ice with people. Nothing too flashy or outlandish but something that compliments your shoes, hair or eye colour will be an elegant and thoughtful touch.


Kristy xx