4 Ways to Recycle Wedding Items

Let us set the scene for you…it is the dhe day after the wedding. You and your partner are curled up in each other’s arms, your friends and family are nursing hangovers, and everyone is feeling their strained muscles from dancing and laughing too hard.

The memories from your wedding will live on forever, but all the stuff you’ve bought sadly will not. Here are four ways to recycle some of your wedding gear to help recoup some money and avoid adding to the landfill.


  1. Sell your Decorations and furniture

 This is the most obvious way to pull out some cash and give a new bride and groom some fantastic pieces. You can choose to sell the items on your own or ask a friend or family member to post them online while you’re honeymooning it up. Pro tip: get some photos of the big-ticket items on the day; that way, people will see them in all their glory.


  1. Give the flowers to a local hospital

 While your love blooms, the flowers that adorned your ceremony will sadly wilt and die quickly. But your flowers can bring comfort and joy to others before their end. Ring around the local hospitals and ask if they accept any flower donations.


  1. Sell the bridal party clothes

 Those stunning matching dresses and tuxedoes? Don’t pack them away, instead sell them online to other couples looking to make their bridal party pop. Make sure you take a few photos of your friends looking stunning in their gowns before you sell them and give them a solid dry cleaning.


  1. Donate everything

 If you aren’t big on taking the time to sell everything, donating it to charity is the next best thing. Donate everything from wedding dresses, suits, furniture and even food. This is a great way to ensure the least amount of waste is generated. Plus, you get some good karma to start your marriage.

Kristy xx