Our Advice On Picking a Signature Cocktail

Stop, everybody, what’s that sound? That’s the sound of wedding bells!

When planning a wedding, there are a million and one things to think about. However, sometimes the bride and groom might overlook one of the key ingredients to a successful wedding, a signature cocktail!


A signature cocktail should reflect the bride and grooms’ tastes and the wedding style and ensure the most stand-offish aunt and uncle will be getting down on the dance floor after a couple. Do not leave this pivotal ingredient up to the caterer; pick your signature cocktail with care and lots of hands-on research.


Stylish weddings require stylish drinks


A wedding is a chance for family, friends and yourself to look their best. Now imagine someone in a stylish black and white tux smashing down bright orange tequila sunrises through twisty straws from novelty glasses. Your signature cocktail should match your wedding in terms of style and colour.


Not too strong and not too weak


You want everyone to have a good time, and the social lube of alcohol is a sure-fire way to help get the party started. However, don’t make the cocktails too strong, or you’ll have family arguing with each other, casualties on the dance floor and that little cousin who snuck a few sips will be praying to the porcelain gods.


Don’t sacrifice form over function


At the end of the day, someone must make all these drinks. Try not to go too overboard on the garnishes and decorative flairs. It might look fantastic and make for some killer gram shots but waiting in line for 20 mins because the bartender is backed up is a mood killer.


The right drink for the weather


If you’re planning a moody fall or winter wedding, perhaps don’t go for a cocktail full of crushed ice. Choose a cocktail that compliments the season, and you’ll have your guests praising your incredible choice as they order another.


Kristy xx