Our Recommendations: 5 Perth Wedding Photographers

giannis agathokleous qbVb9tX e6o unsplash‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ – they say. The mystique of your wedding day deserves to be captured through the lens. Here are our following recommendations (in no particular order) of our favourite Perth photographers.


Ella Otranto Photography 

If you like ethereal, soft imagery then you will love the work of Ella Otranto. With an eye for whimsical beauty and a soft spot for fairy tale romance, it’s no wonder this award-winning photographer has made a name for herself as a unique wedding photographer. Her abilities to capture heavenly true love results in high-quality imagery with a hint of magic.


Erica Serena Photography 

A classic love story requires an elegant touch, and the sophisticated work of photographer Erica Serena fits that brief like a glove. Focusing on refined beauty combined with modern style elements ensures each wedding event she captures ends with stunning, chic images that encapsulate the emotional depth of the day. With serious attention to detail, Erica knows how to represent all your dashing wedding dreams to perfection.


Jason Soon Photography 

Your wedding day is a chance to create a luscious day of luxury, and no better man than Jason Soon to produce chic photographs to capture that feeling. His extensive portfolio is full to the brim of refined images, demonstrating his creative and technical abilities to great effect. Great editing skills and knowledge of lighting mean Jason’s work has that wow factor you usually only see in magazines, and his great sense of humour guarantees you’ll have a great time while taking your turn in the spotlight.


Dave & Charlotte Photography 

For those who love a natural feel in photographs, look no further than the dynamic duo of Dave & Charlotte Photography. The secret to their timeless style is understanding the personalities of everyone they capture, leading them to capture fun moments in unique ways. With David Biesse as the creative head, these experienced photographers have the rare ability to make even the most awkward couples feel relaxed in the front of the lens, resulting in gorgeous images that signify genuine happiness.


Bobbi By Design 

The soft tones and gorgeous compositions of Bobbi By Design showcase why Robyn Buck is a one-of-a-kind find in the field of wedding photographers. Her aim is to capture real, beautiful moments in snapshots that represent the emotions of the day in a truly comfortable yet classic manner. With a versatility that’s rare in the industry, her restraint shines through with refined imagery that has a heart warming feel. If you love black and white photography, she’s the one to check out.