Calmness amongst the Chaos: A New Decade Brings On a New Look

Luxury and high-end events have always been my arena of expertise. An urge for growth and change was sparked within me in December 2019. I then had a conversation with an industry colleague and good friend Lala from Lala Design.  Through the twists and turns of my career, I found a confidant in Lala and came to her once again to address my need for keeping up with my own professional evolution.

I proceeded to book an appointment at Lala’s studio for what was intended as an hour but ended up being more. We nutted out the style, strategic direction and even the revitalised name. Thus, K & CO Events was born!

What unravelled next, was the tedious part of business transition. I had to undergo the business name changes with ASIC, Government, insurance, banking, social media and website domains. Of course, with a brand change comes the need to source the right people to ensure the relaunch is seamless and in line with my values and new strategic direction.

Everything was going seamless and then COVID-19 struck us all. Chaos, confusion, fear, madness and panic broke out in the wedding industry. With the world on standstill and most of my work being postponed to 2021, I was at a loss of what to do next.

Then a lightbulb struck! I thought to myself, there is no time like the present. I knew that regardless of the chaos around me, launching my brand now was imperative. I had to have a brand that matched how far I have come. After all, I am no stranger to managing chaos with calmness, it is my forte.

The downtime turned out to be perfect timing. I was stood down from my full-time job until further notice, and I sat there in front of my computer realising that sometimes life pushes us to enter a new chapter.

Introducing K & CO Event management company. A luxury and bespoke wedding and events planner in Perth that specialises in high-end execution and the utmost opulence. We live by the trademark that you should never just do what is on-trend, rather do what is uniquely you.

We look forward to serving our clients in the near future.