While the star of the show is always the bride, the bridesmaids will be the ones complimenting the styling, season and overall vibe of your special day. Choosing the right colour scheme for the event and your bridesmaid’s outfits can make or break the overall day. All eyes should be drawn to the bridal party, […]

You’ve just been asked to be the best man or maid of honour at a dear friend’s wedding. Congratulations, this is an amazing honour, and it comes with a range of responsibilities that you’ll be asked to take care of in the lead up to the wedding and the day itself. One of the most […]

Let us set the scene for you…it is the dhe day after the wedding. You and your partner are curled up in each other’s arms, your friends and family are nursing hangovers, and everyone is feeling their strained muscles from dancing and laughing too hard. The memories from your wedding will live on forever, but […]

Stop, everybody, what’s that sound? That’s the sound of wedding bells! When planning a wedding, there are a million and one things to think about. However, sometimes the bride and groom might overlook one of the key ingredients to a successful wedding, a signature cocktail!   A signature cocktail should reflect the bride and grooms’ […]

Fellas, this is your time to shine. We know that deep down, you want to dress like James Bond and get a look that will have your soon to be wife rushing for the honeymoon suite. Or, if you’re a single man at the wedding, we’ll make sure that doesn’t last too long. Here’s our […]

In Australia, we are blessed with some of the most luxurious destinations in the world. That means you don’t need to leave your backyard to have that dream, romantic honeymoon.  Here are some of our favourite honeymoon destinations, Aussie style: Broome, WA Broome is teeming with eye-popping beauty and dramatic landscapes. But what Broome is […]

Let us face it, the venue, the colour palette, the flowers, food, drinks, the invitations and pretty much everything else can take a back seat when it comes to the wedding dress. Luckily, we have selected the five best luxury dressmakers in Perth to have you turning heads on your wedding day.    Loui Col […]

A DIY wedding doesn’t mean you need to do everything yourself. And it doesn’t mean it can’t be upscale, luxurious and elegant. A DIY wedding means you are taking the time, care and interest to make your wedding truly unique and yours. Here are our favourite upscale DIY Wedding Trends for 2020 that will make […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas, it’s wedding season, of course. After a rocky start to 2020 things are looking up here in Western Australia and it’s time to get planning. And a new season always brings new trends. 2020 is not a year to be timid. This season we […]

Every wedding deserves to be captured in motion. Here are our following recommendations (in no particular order) of our favourite Perth videographers.   Inception Video  Storytellers at their core, the team at Inception Video has the ability to turn your wedding day into a gorgeous production you’ll want to watch over and over. Headed by […]

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