Wedding Bliss with Kara & Radi | 28.04.18

Kara and Radi has it really been a year already? Wow, how time truly flies when you enter the bliss of marriage.  These two lovebirds are absolutely adorable, I couldn’t help but fall in love with their love. When I met with them, I knew that their love story was going to be one that I personally will cherish forever.  One year later, my memories stick with me as though it were yesterday.

Now let us fast forward to the big day, the venue was set at Matilda Bay Reserve and Matilda Bay Restaurant. I can still remember the unstoppable laughter shared amongst the Bridal Party – you guys crack me up! The ceremony was witnessed by the pair’s tight-knit loved ones and the scenes were absolutely stunning. My good friend and colleague Jason Soon was the photographer and I have to say that the moments captured are beyond words.

The reception was a spectacular affair indeed, embellished with beautiful whites and greens by Signature Floral Designs, the atmosphere oozed with so much love and warmth. I adored the speeches by both parties and I think I even caught myself shedding a tear…… or three. Moments like this are what I LIVE for.

The wedding overall was a classy occasion with plenty of laughter, tears and fleeting moments. I want to humbly thank Kara and Radi for weaving me into their beautiful tale. All the best for the future lovelies.


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