5 Questions to Ask Your Perth Wedding Planner

Choosing a wedding planner is a big deal. You need to get on with them and most of all, trust each other. To avoid confusion and ensure you are the right match, it’s important to ask a bunch of questions before you commit.

Here are five handy questions you should definitely ask your Perth wedding planner;

#1 How’s your availability?

Before committing, it’s important to know if your wedding planner has LOTS of other weddings happening at the same time. Getting married in the spring? You’re probably not alone. If you’ve got a date already set, make sure to ask if they do day-of-delivery as well. The last thing you want is for your planner to be unavailable on the actual day!

#2 Why’d you become a wedding planner?

Try to get to know them! If they are anything like me, they will love to talk about their inspiration and passion for getting into wedding planning. Working with a wedding planner who treats your wedding like their own is something each one of us deserves. Ask the question from the get-go.

#3 Do you have any extra costs?

Weddings are expensive! The last thing you want is an extra bill for some unseen costs of your wedding planner. Talk about money right from the start. A good wedding planner should be open and honest with their billing and in turn, you should be comfortable talking about your budget.

#4 What was the most difficult wedding you ever planned?

Ask them about the challenges they faced! Weddings can get hectic towards the pointy end and I’m sure most wedding planners have some stories of the ‘toughies’. But listen out to why it was challenging. Was it because it rained, the groom went missing and a family member had an emergency or was it because the bride asked for too many changes? Get a feel for how they handle different challenges and how they work to overcome them!

#5 What makes you different?

Everyone wants their wedding to be incredible and that’s what a wedding planner is there to help you with. Ask us for ideas right off the bat and if you’re just not feeling that x-factor connection, then it is time to revisit the pool. It is one of those things when you know – YOU KNOW! 😉

Xx Kristy

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Photo by Shardayyy Photography on Unsplash