Saving for Your Big Day! Wedding Tips For Every Couple

Okay everyone, let’s get down to business and address the elephant in the room. Budget! No, it’s not a dirty word! Working out a budget for your wedding is the first step in creating the day of your dreams. Planning a wedding is made up of a thousand little details that all come together on the day into a beautiful harmony of sights, smells, tastes, touches and overall amazing aesthetics.

However, that beautiful harmony can turn into fingernails on the chalkboard if you don’t set some boundaries for your wedding spending.

So, before you step out into wedding shopping, set a budget. It’s the first thing almost everyone will ask you and if you have no idea, people will find it hard to plan anything for you. A budget helps paint the picture of how much you can spend and where you should prioritise.

Venues are almost always the biggest expense for all weddings and will take a large chunk of your budget. If you can nail down your venue first, you can then see how much you’re able to spend on the luxuries like, invitations, flowers, music and clothing.

Don’t know how much anything costs and how to set a budget? Trust me, you’re not alone. But there is are a ton of resources available online and a bit of savvy searching will give you a good idea of the price of things. And if in doubt, you can always just ring and get a quote. Better yet, hire a Perth wedding planner to do the heavy lifting for you! A Perth wedding planner can add years to your life just by saving you the stress of having to deal with all the details. I love details!

If there’s any word of advice I can truly give you, is try and enjoy the journey because it flies by so quickly!

What you should know before collaborating with a Perth wedding planner

Choosing and working with a Perth wedding planner is a pretty big decision. You are entrusting this person to help guide you through the most important, stressful, emotionally charged day of you and your future partner’s life. So, here’s a few tips you should know before you start collaborating.

First thing you should know is that you are dealing with a creative.

The challenge for most creative endeavours comes from taking an idea from your head and putting it into reality. If you’re not really a creative don’t be shy about it, just say you can’t quite picture it, or you just don’t understand. We’re here to guide you through everything and absolutely LOVE talking ideas.

Build a relationship.

You and your Perth wedding planner will be working very closely with each other over quite a long period of time. Make sure you like this person! Do your homework and absolutely meet face to face at least once before signing them up.

‘Trust me, I’m a professional’, is a quote that I don’t know where it comes from, but one I like. Stress less with a professional! Most wedding planners are pro’s, this is what we do. So, please try not to stress about those devilish details, that’s our jobs!

The key to any good relationship is trust, and the relationship between wedding planners and clients must have a great deal if it’s going to succeed.